January 2024 has most certainly come in like a lion or maybe a better description is a wrecking ball. Across the US, we have experienced some wacky weather to kick off 2024 from tornados, heavy and freezing rain, frigid temperatures, snow in all 50 states (yes Florida too), and today widespread fog! 


But how does all this winter weather impact your shipment and what tips does RCT Logistics give to be successful when shipping during the winter months?


Bad road conditions are always a concern in winter and are what usually cause delays. But there is more to safely shipping in winter. Here is a good article on why shipping in winter becomes more difficult. 



RCT has been diligently working with shippers and carriers to be very proactive these last few weeks. Here are their tips for troubleshooting winter weather shipping.


  • Practice foresight. Watch the weather and know the forecast along a route.
  • Be flexible. The safety of the carrier and the shipment is most important. If Plan A isn’t safe, be ready to suggest Plan B. Discuss with the client and carrier preemptively postponing shipments out of an abundance of caution. 
  • Open lines of communication and set expectations. Communicate often with the carrier, and provide timeline updates to the customer.
  • Negotiate. In times of bad weather, the market pricing temporarily goes haywire. Advocate for a reasonable and fair price for all involved. Review pricing for any near future shipments and begin the proactive process again.
  • Get feedback. What does your customer or carrier think could be improved? Learn for the next bad weather situation.


Does your freight broker act proactively?  Call RCT for a consultation today (330) 441-7310.

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