Carriers are Important

RCT Logistics carrier partnerships are an important extension of our services. Long-term freight broker-to-carrier relationships are key for productive and effective solutions for shippers.  Fairness, integrity, respect, and communication are of utmost importance when forming Carrier partnerships.

To become an RCT Logistics Preferred Carrier please fill out a Carrier Packet.

Carrier Packet Includes:

  • RCT Logistics Contract
  • Carrier Requirements
  • Carrier Profile Form
  • Carrier Insurance Checklist
  • Invoicing Instructions

Download a PDF

Use this link to download a PDF. Please email to the completed form along with required documents to: 

Download PDF

Online Form

Use this link to upload the required Carrier Documents along with your carrier packet. 

Online Form

Phone:  330.441.7310


Fax: 330.230.6200



*RCT Office is located in Medina County